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 Hinata Yuki
Hinata Yuki
 Posted: Sep 12 2014, 03:56 PM
110 jewel
played by N/A


Hinata Yuki
femaleshinigami heterosexual

basic info
appearance age:
7th Division
3rd Seat

face claim:
BLEACH, Tatsuki Arisaw
107 lbs
A small scar above her left eyebrow and a small one just above the side of her lip from a zanpaku-to mistake.

Immensely loyal
Slightly creepy
Emotionally clueless
Slightly gluttonous.
Slightly prideful
Hastily judgmental
Very defensive over height.

Just her zanpaku-to.
Hinata was raised in a financially-poor family on the outskirts. She didn’t mind that, and spent time playing with the locals. One day, though, she unknowingly came close to one of the gates that enclosed the city with a few of her friends. The gatekeeper there had told them to leave, but when her friend had gained enough foolish pride and challenged the gatekeeper to a duel. He didn’t come out of it. She took it among herself to rather join the soul reapers thare.e in the slums, as she realized how bad they were.
ooc name:
rp sample:
With the tapping sounds of footsteps coming down the hallway, people could probably predict who was coming down the hallway like usual. Same time, speed and polite ‘hello’ and ‘good afternoon’ like always. Hinata Yuki. She always came around to have a morning tea with her captain always at the same time. She was an odd shinigami in other’s eyes, but that didn’t faze her one bit. Passing by several onlookers with confused faces, she tilted her heard head and asked them, “Shouldn’t you be doing something other than staring?” She had asked, but sent the walking away rather hastily.
Oh well. She made her way to a different hallway and stopped by some tall shinigami having a heated debate. “Could you move a bit?” She asked, waiting for their reply. When they didn’t pay her any heed, and started jabbing fingers at each other accusingly and shouting, one of the men whipped his zanpaku-to right out of its scabbard. The other followed the same movement, and started shouting again. By that time, Hinata cleared her throat in an effort to get their attention. It did indeed. One of the men looked down at her, “Oh, hello there. Can you not see, or are you too small for that?” He would have said, but got cut off by a straight up kick to the stomach. “I AM NOT SHORT! I am not small, nor short, nor tiny! How could you say that?!” She was full angry about now and had a reputation for ranting off at people who commented her size.
The man stumbled back, clutching his nose like it shattered into a thousand pieces. He thought for a moment, and looked at her like he had recognized Hinata’s face before his own expression turned grim like he had just been kicked by death. It kind of just happened. He squeaked a few responses before backing away from fuming girl. “I-I’m so sorry!” He said, evidently the only thing that actually made sense and didn’t sound like a few garbled noises. She snorted and focused her gaze on his and the other man’s zanpaku-to. “I think you should put those away.” Hinata muttered, crossing her arms. The other man, who was looking like he were in a daze, snapped out of it and fumbled with his zanpaku-to to put it back in its scabbard. The man on the floor, the one testing his nose to see if it were broken, also did the same. Hinata turned her attention to the hallway. “Oh, I ‘m going to be late!” She squeaked, ditching the men and making her way down the hallway.
As soon as she reached her captain’s room, she knocked on the wood frame lightly and awaited him to tell her to come in, or to open it. He did do just that, and went back to sit by the small tea table. She too sat down and poured some of the steaming tea into both of the cups and sipping hers lightly. Her captain always had a condescending air to him, but she didn’t mind it. At least they were able to chat for a little while before it got too late and she went back to her room to sleep. Days like these were usually nice. Usually.


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