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Personal Text: The betrayal you can see is trivial, what is truly fearsome is the betrayal that you don't see.
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Saeko Valentine

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Jul 24 2014, 04:28 PM
item: Gigai
for: Saeko Valentine
Jul 17 2014, 09:20 AM
True Form tech.

name: Hades Ascent
type: offensive/defensive
cooldown: five posts
cost: high
range: short-long
description: Saeko summons six vectors of pure energy that spawn from her back. They can all extend to cover great distances and do not lose any power, speed of force in the process. Each vector has a width of 20 centimeters. Saeko has extreme control over each individual vector and to that end has the ability to break apart each vector's molecular structure, rendering them into tiny blue flecks off energy that while not invisible are hard to see, especially during a fight. She can keep them in that state for a maximum of three seconds each and after return the vector to its original state in an blink of an eye.<br><br>She can use these to bat away incoming attacks so long as her Sei is greater than or equal to that of her opponent. However, doing so will sacrifice the vector used, so she can do this a total of six times if she wishes. <br><br>For offensive capabilities she can use them to whack the fuck out off her opponents, grab chucks of debris and launch them at her opponents, bat away their weapons or deliver crushing blows, and are fully capable of slicing/removing limbs (Removing limbs requires OCC permission of course.). This technique lasts for a total of five posts and unlike some of her other techniques had no real drawback.</blockquote>


Jul 16 2014, 04:54 PM
item: Tech Slot
for: Saeko Valentine
Jul 3 2014, 02:25 PM
True Form Tech

(Deciding to change it to something else, will get back to it later! Sorry for the inconvenience Hash!)

name: Infinity Blade
type: offensive/defensive
cooldown: four posts
cost: moderately high
range: mid-long
description: Saeko summons a large amount of her own energy to take the form of millions of tiny blades. Each blade is around a cm in size and due to being made of energy are extremely durable. Saeko can control these blades with great ease, able to control their movement with merely her eyes (She can also use her hands). While this is active, Saeko can use it both as a defensive technique (She can block incoming attacks so long as her Sei is greater than that of her opponents Hak/SEI or equal. For every +1 above her own it is slowed down, anything above +5 is unaffected.) and offensive technique. This lasts for a total of five posts and can be canceled at any time. The energy particles also have the potential to enter her opponents mouth to cause great internal damage.<br><br>When used in unison with Unstable Equation, she is able to coat any form of projectile attack so long as it uses her opponents Sei (Such as Flame, Ice, Steel, Water, Blood, and so on) in said energy as opposed to just energy attacks alone, channel it through her and return it towards the opponent at regular strength, however double if her Sei is double that of her opponent. Though this only happens if her Sei is equal to or greater than that of her opponents. For everytime she preforms this feat, the duration is lowered by two.</blockquote>

Jul 3 2014, 10:03 AM
item: Tech Slot
for: Saeko
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