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Feb 27 2014, 11:19 PM
Comp is still being gay, so! Our next contest is going to be of a…fluffy nature.

…Is Hash gone now? Good. You’ll actually be doing a time-skip thing with a character of your choosing. It's some 300 years in the future and everyone is dead. But reincarnation is lovely and now everyone is a new race. Those who participate must create a new app for their character, though it doesn’t have to be a particularly long app. You can be whatever rank (even PT-0), whatever race, and died as many times as you want. Just be creative with it and make sure it makes sense for your character to be whatever they are in their new app. Don’t just rip from your old app for this – we want to see some growth in these characters and just what exactly you would do with them if you had all the time in the world.

You have until March 8th to submit your profiles, at which time judging will begin. The winner gets 2 stat points to use on a character of their choosing. Good luck!
Feb 9 2014, 12:57 AM
I swear to God, you'd better fucking read these. And don't forget that you are NOT to vote for yourself.
Jan 28 2014, 11:22 PM
[dohtml]<center><div class="whateverk">Alright, since my comp is a dick and the Games will be a bit, we'll be hosting a different competition in the meantime. Like the Games, you are limited to one entry only. However, this is open to everyone except staff. The goal is simple: we want to see the most creative, outrageously OP techniques you guys can come up with. And seriously - don't enter some "Kill everyone in an x-mile-radius except me" tech. I said creative, not retarded bullshit.<br><br>

You will have until February 6th to submit your ideas in a reply to this thread - using the same template you did with your other techs - and on the 7th, we will begin judging. The top four ideas will then be put to a site-wide vote. If your tech gets picked for the top four, you are not allowed to vote for it. The winner will receive one tech slot for one character of their choosing.</div></center>

.whateverk {
padding: 10px;
width: 400px;
font-size: 11px;
line-height: 14px;
text-align: justify;
Jan 14 2014, 12:38 AM
Look at this thing people: Sign up!
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